Meet the Team

MILA BARRY is the organizer of Art for Equity. She's a freshman at Harvard University and loves writing, hiking, baking, and film photography.

CATHERINE CANAVAN-DYSTHE is a freshman at Salem State University. When she's not telling bad jokes or working, she enjoys doodling.

TESSA BUSHFIELD is a freshman at University of Ottowa. She also loves skateboarding and good books.

CALVIN DEL VECCHIO is 17 years old and a senior at Gloucester High School. In his free time, you can find him playing soccer, swimming, playing the saxophone, or playing video games.

CAMILLA WILKINS-BOWENS is one of the founders of the Youth Peace Movement. She is a junior at GHS, and is a part of StuCo. In her free time, she educates herself on social/racial injustice, politics, and human rights. She is also a competitive dancer.

JULITZA BAEZ-RIVERA is 18 years old. In her free time, you can finding her watching anime, reading comic books, or sleeping. She also enjoys long walks on the beach.

TREELY DOWD is the photographer and videographer for Art for Equity. He enjoys playing video games, binging anime, and petting his cat. He's looking forward to making a difference.

WILLOW BARRY is 15 years old and a freshman at Gloucester High School. She is a part of the Drama Club and also the swim team. In her free time she enjoys reading and rocking out on her guitar.

JADA EXAMA is a junior at Essex Technical High School in the Health Assisting program. She's also one of the founders of the Youth Peace Movement. In her free time, she plays basketball and bike rides. She's interested in fighting for social and racial justice.

ELLA ANDERSON is one of the founders of the Youth Peace Movement. She's a junior at Essex Tech, part of the Political Action club, and a competitive dancer. She is excited to be part of Art for Equity because it's important to educate our youth for a better future.

OWEN BRYAN attends UMass Amherst. When he’s not at school, you can find him surfing at Good Harbor Beach or skipping rocks.

REBECCA DOWD is a junior at Wesleyan University where she’s studying Science and Society and Spanish. She enjoys singing, hiking and demolishing friends or family at board games. She’s passionate about food and education justice and reading!! She’s currently studying abroad in Spain.