Art for Equity

Empowering young creatives.

Diversifying library shelves.

Our Mission

Art for Equity’s mission is to harness youth creative talent to help diversify bookshelves in Gloucester Public School libraries and classrooms. We’re a student art collaborative striving to build more equitable educational spaces for ourselves and our peers.

How it works...

Art for Equity is about to kick off our first project! Thanks to generous funding from Awesome Gloucester and the Gloucester Education Foundation, our organization is beginning work on a mural to be displayed at the high school (we'll do more murals if we can afford it!). When the mural is  done, we’ll launch a line of merchandise featuring our mural design. We’ll sell things like t-shirts, hats, buttons, and bags! All profits will be used to purchase books that empower Black and Brown characters and celebrate the narratives of oppressed voices.

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Want to join the team? We’d love to have you! We need students and community members of all ages to offer everything from artistic guidance to book recommendations to donations. So if you’re a student or community member looking to help out, send us an email through our Contact page!